Our Little Black Dresses

We start this page with Vickie Collins VC 309 lounging comfortably with her little feline friend.
Marilyn Lowles VC 535 and Gina Lee VC 457 nestle by the fireplace.
Gina Young VC 453 as a modern torch bearer.

Robyn Michaels VC 481 is enjoying an exciting night out.
Kathleen Danielle VC 494 very sexy in their strapless dresses.
Louise Wilson VC 556 gets ready for a night out in a lovely short summery dress.

Gina Conners VC 440 seems to be inviting us to join her on the couch & into her home.

Rene Fredericks VC 452 is tantilizing in this little dress.
Beverly Williams VC 400 is perfectly framed & framed perfectly in gray.
Kyrie Alexander VC 422 there couldn't be
more perfect examples of the Little Black Dress.
Linda Lewis VC 388 enjoying a cocktail in her lovely lace dress.

Tanya Adair VC 519 models her dress that shows off
her very long lovely legs perfectly.
Kathleen Danielle VC 494 sets out for an evening on the town.
Rhiann Richards VC 539 mixes red & black to great effect.
Cindy Tease VC 523 in her black formal. Now all she needs is a "Formal" invitation.
Diane Baker VC 525 goes black from head to toe.

Jennifer Nelson VC 470 receives the "Triple B" award - Bountiful Beauty in Black!

Sally Cross VC 513 enjoys time out & about
Stef King VC 514 is as elegant as she is stylish.
Kathleen Danielle VC 494 portrays a very classic elegance.

JoAnn Taboada VC 516 sit perfectly poised. Love her gorgeous legs!
Elaine Sommers VC 509,
Tiffany Lloyd VC 36 are simply glamorous.

Katie Hightower VC 472 out shopping for what else??? LBD's
Next we find Katie relaxing next to a cozy
New England fireplace to stay picture perfect.
A glass of wine makes the evening perfect.
Holly Kaye VC 567 is one very classy lady.
Tania Wilde VC 532 has fun posing while at SCC in Atlanta.
She's ready for a great night out!

Randi Lee Richards VC 527 is a vision of style & elegance
Gina Conners VC 440 in a lovely off the shoulder dress at home.
Dani Mitchell VC 524 loves to flirt in her LBD & boots.
Hiedi Phox VC 541 is very young & sexy!
What more needs to be said?

Jamie Gra VC 549 gives us her "Elvira Mistress of the Dark" impression.
Randi Richards VC 527 mixes black, white & red to great effect.
Karla Merit VC 553 peeks out from behind her glasses to give us a sexy wink.
Cristy Garcia VC 432 teases us with wonderfully long legs & dangling heels.
Danielle Beling VC 576 takes playing a "VAMP" to a new level.
What starlet, diva or lounge crooner can resist a pose on top of the piano?
Now if only she could sing.!