Glamorous Gowns

Lilly Williams VC 403 at the piano inspiring beautiful music
to go along with her beautiful form!
Tawni Bonds VC 371 is seductively tempting!
Wendy Seymone VC 381 is a stunning blond in Pink & Red !

Tina Steier VC 216 knows a thing or two about glitter & gold,
not to mention red & green!
She is also ready for the Prom in dress #2. Where's her escort?
Dee Gregory VC 515 is a vision to behold in her lovely burgandy gown.
Donna St.Marten VC 438 shows off her lovely black then white gowns.

Kay Jorgensen VC 487
and Jennifer Williams VC 483 at the 2007 Sacramento Gala.
Stephanie Marie VC 294 waits for her escort in a lovely sky blue gown.
Traci VC 255 models her lovely backless gown.
Randi Richards VC 527 takes us back to
"Roman" elegance among the pillars of time.
Gina Connors VC 440 could be the queen of the ball in this very elegant green gown.
Jennifer Nelson VC 470 in her lovely custom corset gown
followed by an equally flowing pink gown.
Finally red hot on the cat walk.

Debbie Richards VC 186 Lisa Harris VC 480 and Donna St. Marten VC 438
relax in the comfort of their homes awaiting the evenings festivities.

Michelle Popkov VC 517 loves gowns with corsets.
Kathleen Danielle VC 494 is pretty in her pink gown.

Coleen O’Donnell VC 563 in a lovely gown from Be-All 2011.
Stef King VC 514 is equally as lovely in her sky blue gown.
Tawni Bonds VC 371 looking to cast her spell over us.
Vanna Russell VC 211 takes us back to another era of
sophisticated glamour in her very classic gown.
Jamie May VC 560 in a lovely off the shoulders blue gown & long gloves.

Diane Baker VC 525 models a lovely jacket & gown combination.
Stephanie Marie VC 294 is a vision in her lovely ball gowns.